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Internal pitting corrosion of copper pipes is a costly problem that leads to the formation of copper pinhole leaks. Many factors, including the chemistry of the water traveling through the pipes, can cause the formation and propagation of pits. Particles that originate in older water heaters can also damage copper pipes by electrolysis.

The steel or copper particles in water degrade the inside of copper pipes, causing leaks. Finally, high water pressure can damage copper piping. Junctions and elbows are the areas most vulnerable to erosion via water pressure.

Are pinhole leaks expensive? One SageWater client estimated that the indirect costs of old pipes amounted to nine times the actual leak damage repair cost. This is also a problem that only gets worse the longer it is put off.

For that reason, it is important the owners and managers of multifamily structures like apartment buildings and condos plan ahead. The repair or replacement of copper piping can be expensive. A review by an experienced plumbing/pipe replacement company is the first step in knowing what needs to be done.

Copper piping can be expected to last 25 to 40 years, but eventually, it will need to be replaced with newer, better materials. If a repair is possible, the work will need to be done precisely, and by experts. SageWater has the expertise to handle your problem with copper pinhole leaks.

We can handle any size job. If it is necessary to cut into residents’ walls to access the copper piping, we restore those units to original condition. Our crews work in unison to insure that the job gets done quickly, done correctly, and that the residents experience minimum inconvenience.

With miles of pipe replaced across the country, trust SageWater to deal with any piping problems you may have, including copper pinhole leaks.